The "A" word

There is a simple five-letter word that begins with "a" that refers to someone who has grown to the point of longer being a child. Unfortunately, I have had to take it out of my website as much as possible, since search engines target this word, and it seems that because of the presence of that word, my site has apparently gotten onto lists of websites with which I have no desire to be associated. And since my e-mail address appears on my home page, I have thus become the target of incessant spam from lists marking me as the operator of one of these highly undesirable sites. While the Web and search engines can be a powerful way of locating information, one can see that there are also unintended consequences. So please forgive the circuitous language. I hope that eventually the search engines will stop marking this as one of "those" sites.

George Graham

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This page last updated August 03, 2014